JULY 13 – 16,  2017


We at the Billy Barker Days Society are writing to provide some information and answer some questions from our valued sponsors and festival attendees.  After the unfortunate events the week prior to the event, we agreed, after meeting with various events coordinators and City representatives, that an event of this size would overtax our already burdened infrastructure (fire, police, hospital and ambulance) which led to the decision to cancel this year’s festival.

In the wake of that decision some questions were raised about the finances, and the overall status of the festival.  We are a not-for-profit organization which attempts to run a zero balance account at the end of each year.  If there is a balance we will apply it to the next year’s festival – hire bigger name talents or grander fireworks display.  A significant portion of our income that is not provided by sponsors comes from the events themselves, including a portion of concession and midway proceeds as well as tent rentals, souvenir, program, and Billy Button sales.  Due to the fact that we did not complete most of these events, our usual revenue streams have severely diminished.  We held the Billy Button raffle draw and awarded the three prizes to fulfill a contract with the Gaming Commission even though there was a reduction in button sales, and also awarded our program draw prizes.

  The monies donated by our sponsors, whether they be in cash, coupons or merchandise, were used to pay general and pre-festival organizational expenses or to honor contracts with various out-of-town entertainment providers, which due to the fact that the cancellation was on our end makes us liable for the contract.  While the City provides us with a venue to hold the festival, as well as power and water for some of the events, they are not a financial contributor nor do they plan nor organize the event.  It is our intention to continue with the Festival next year with continued help and support of the many sponsors and the community.  The fireworks display scheduled for this Festival, being a 2017 contractual obligation, will be held in December (date to be determined) to let the community know that we are still here and look forward to putting on a spectacular festival in 2018.

If any of you have further questions or want to help out or become a member please feel to attend our next regular meeting held at 5:30 pm in the CNC on September 21 or our annual meeting in October.  You can also leave a message on our closed office phone of 250-992-1234.

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What Is Billy Barker Days?

Quesnel’s Billy Barker Days is a family festival celebrating our gold rush heritage. The Festival features four days of entertainment for those seeking action, relaxation, fun and excitement. The community comes alive with business decorating, 1860’s costume rentals, Seniors’ Day and Kids’ Day, free stage entertainment in the park, plus the midway, dances, parade, rodeo, the Gold Dust Mall, and many other activities sponsored by other community organizations. The Festival winds up Sunday evening with Billy’s Spectacular Fireworks display. Whatever you are looking for, mark your calendar for the 3rd full weekend of July for Quesnel’s annual Billy Barker Days Festival.

Mountain Log
Mountain Log

A Brief History

In 1973 Town Council along with the Chamber of Commerce hatched the idea of a summer festival to showcase our beautiful town and its pride in our gold rush heritage to the many visitors stopping in Quesnel. With a budget of $3,000.00 from the Town, the first annual Billy Barker Days was underway. The organizing committee did some research and found that the best summer weather had typically occurred the third weekend in July, which happened to be when the Quesnel Rodeo was held. A meeting was struck between the two groups and it was agreed that the new Festival would be held in conjunction with the Quesnel Rodeo. The Quesnel Billy Barker Days Society now organizes and funds the Festival. The majority of our funding comes from Corporate Sponsorship. It is because of our business community that the Festival has endured for over 40 years. During this time some events have changed, some sadly no longer exist, but a few continue on – The Parade, Fireworks, Business Decorating, free Stage Entertainment, and Costumes. Four decades ago the vision of the committee was to host a family festival at little or no cost to the community and to visitors stopping to “see what was going on.” To this day committee members are proud to continue this tradition. Billy Barker Days sponsored LeBourdais Park events are free. You can spend one day or all weekend in the Park and enjoy Stage Entertainment, including the Headliners for free! The Billy Barker Days Society members are all volunteers, they work year ­round to ensure that the Festival is ready to go on the third weekend of July. Thank you to the hundreds of volunteers who come out for the weekend to help with this event.

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 The office is now closed for the season but you can still leave a phone message or email as those are checked regularly. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.




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